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  • Culture Box & Mo's Ferry Prod. presents Dapayk: Decade One Over the course of time, Niklas Worgt has used his share of project names. His most well-known would have to be Dapayk. Since 1993 Niklas has crafted his own tracks. Cuts with Drum & Bass and Breakbeat sport the same difference as Pumpin’ Techno and Techhouse. As the Drum & Bass live act “Frauds in White” he started to make a name for himself on the barely developed breakbeat scene of middle Germany in the mid-90’s. As “Sonstware” he held residence at parties and stepped into the late 90’s as Dapayk. There were a few years however between then and 2001 when he released his first record. From that release, the headline was basically taken as the cornerstone for his various projects in the labelname Mo’s Ferry Productions. In cooperation with Eva Padberg there came the project Dapayk & Padberg. After the first single was released in 2005, a first album was released reaching the years top-10 charts of the magazines Groove, De-bug and Raveline as well as bringing Niklas a Top-10 spot in the producer charts. His sound can be charachterized as “Prickling” displays the art of balancing electronic music’s Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeat forms. Dapayk's Soloalbum was released in 2006, a second Dapayk&Padberg Album followed in 2007. Both longplayer got much respect from the press and the dancefloors. They also received the "Style Award - Best Domestic Performer" by German music mag "Musikexpress". He tried this Digital-DJ-Turn-Stuff. But rocking rarities should be played best from vinyl and without a screen that helps mixing when you are wasted once again. His vinyl rack brims over with special records between Matthew Hertbert, dub, house and every groove from techno wonderland. Not only is this credible but also worth listening to. Lounging impossible! Oh yeah and another thing: Marcel Knopf is expecting his first baby in autumn: name: dusty dance, weight: 15g, seize: 12cm, sex: house.
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