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    Samim aka Fuckpony (Get Physical / Tuning Spork / Contexterrior) - 2hr. Live Marc Ashken (Leftroom Recordings / Safari Electronique) Doudou Malicious (Safari Electronique / Nomor / MultiVitamins) Soho (MultiVitamins / LikeThat) Nick Moreno (Büro-Ton / LikeThat) Pablo Cahn (LikeThat)
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  • Fresh off his recent releases on Tuning Spork and Moon Harbour and remixing jobs for Pier Bucci on Crosstown Rebels, Samim is set to come and operate his live tactics on London. His fame has grown widely across the board and his tunes being hammered by the biggest names and fine tunes coming from his partnership with fellow minimal criminal; Michal Ho. His most recent collaboration came from a tag-team with label boss Jay Haze on the M.A.N.D.Y. run label Get Physical from Berlin as Fuckpony. Soon to be coming some work on labels Circus Company / Kindisch and Tuning Spork Family Affair as well as new works on Get Physical. This guy is definetly setting new standards in the minimal house scene...Catch him for the first time in the UK and what better a place to host this maestro than in a small intimate basement venue in the East End? Support coming from Leftroom Recordings hitter and DJ MarcAshken and MultiVitamins boss Doudou Malicious as well as the usual LikeThat residents Soho / Nick Moreno and Pablo Cahn.
  • Likethat - Flyer front