Sommerøya Elektronika Festival

  • Welcome to Sommerøya 2010 The festival is held at Langøyene right outside Oslo. For three whole days there will be a strict focus on dancing, swimming and those oh' so sweet summer nights. Fantastic DJ's and a selection of Norwegian artists will ensure steaming hot rhythms' by the seashore and pump up the jam inside the Circus tent. The fun starts early down by the Beach stage and will keep bringing it until dark. In the Circus tent you will find electronic bands and live shows throughout the day. At night it transforms into an indoor club with lights and sound until the wee morning hours. Food, bars, art and culture is a part of the package. Did we mention that there is a huuuuge camping site for tents (and parties) at your disposal for all three days? How to get there? Ferry 94 from Vippetangen (right next to Oslo City Hall) is in traffic to and from Langøya every hour at regular price during daytime. In addition, a 24/7 "Sommerøya" ferry has been arranged, leaving every half hour, to and from Oslo city centre. If you arrive by boat, festival goers can be dropped off at our "Kiss & Goodbye" pier, north of the island. If you wish to keep the boat during the festival, you can leave it on "sway", meaning only with an anchor/grapnel about 50 meters off shore. Cash & Card We use the Cashless system. Familiarize yourself with the system before arriving at the festival at Refill machines will be installed across the island and on the ferry landing; Vippetangen. Camping There is a free camping site within marked ares with fire breaks. The rules at the bottom WILL apply here as well. Service & Retailing Food, drinks and alcohol can be bought on the island. Stalls, booths etc will also be present on the festival ground. Guards & Security The Red Cross, an own security company and the festivals own GoodVibrations-Guards, will be present. Safeguarding 24/7. Sanitary Conditions Toilets and showers are available, as well as the opportunity to fill up water bottles. Availability There is complete mobility around the island, and individual stands will be provided for wheel chair users. In addition, there is a fully functional HC-toilet. Rules . 18 year-old age limit . Breaking of bottles will result in a cut off festival wrist band . It is allowed to bring food and alcohol to the island in general and at the camping site. . It is NOT allowed to bring your own barbecue/one-time grill or transportable gas holder/gas lamps. . The fire gates must maintain clear - tents need to bbe put up with good clearance to the fire gates . Knives, bats, iron poles or other equipment that in the wrong hands can be used as a weapon, will be confiscated at the gate . On the camping site regular Norwegian Narcotic Legislation does apply, and the police will be patrolling . All other Norwegian laws are also to be followed Media If you want to cover Sommerøya contact our media department by mail. Volunteers We need a lot of volunteers. What's in it for you? Summer memories and a FREE festival pass. 2x8 are the working hours. If you approach us early you might get to decide where you'll be working. We need people for the following areas: Production, rigging, technicians, bar, drivers of cars and boats, ticket sales, food preparation, writers, renovations, décor, distribution and lots more. There will be a private employee camp site for those who wish to stay on Sommerøya. For registration and questions: [email protected]
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