A DFA vs Modular Non Stop Disco Party: The 'Love Boat' Cruise

  • A DFA VS Modular Non Stop Disco Party New York City’s DFA Records is arguably one of the most painfully on point, every time labels in the world, with everything they release seemingly sprinkled with their own magic disco dust, and two of the labels shining lights, The Juan Maclean and Tim Sweeney, will be joining us here in Australia at the end of October to DJ a Modular party of classic NY loft style proportions. On Friday October 27 at Brown Alley in Melbourne, Saturday October 28 at the Berlin Lounge on the Gold Coast and Sunday October 29 aboard the good boat Lady Wakehurst on Sydney Harbour, The Juan Maclean and Tim Sweeney will be doing their damndest to throw out some of the most swingingly out there dance music this side of pluto. Expect all manner of space disco, electro, Detroit techno, French house and industrial noise, Juan and Tim bring the sound of DFA and NYC to Australia for all and sundry to savour. The Juan Maclean is John McLean, formerly of punk noise act Six Finger Satellite, who adorned himself The Juan Maclean when he switched off the guitars and switched on the machines and began making electronic music on his own. His relationship with DFA started much earlier than his first Juan Maclean release though, back when a chap named James Murphy was doing live sound for Six Finger Satellite. Since then The Juan Maclean has released a number of stunning, glimmering 12”s on DFA including the future classic Give Me Every Little Thing, as well as the album of last year, Less Than Human. A Juan Maclean DJ set can throw up anything from Giorgio Moroder to Bad Brains to Hawkwind and is sure to be a helter skelter highlight. Tim Sweeney acts as DFA’s inhouse DJ of sorts, playing at their parties and piecing together the DFA mix albums with Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy. He is also known for his weekly trip into the outer reaches of digital disco on his Beats In Space radio show on WNYU, New York University’s radio station, which has over the years featured guest mix sets from all manner of dance music luminaries including Carl Craig, Erol Alkan, Maurice Fulton, Optimo, Cut Copy, 2 Many DJ’s, Harvey, Trevor Jackson, Diplo and more. Tim’s personal taste straddles the entire spectrum of dance music and his DJ sets encompass everything from Detroit to Chicago to Italy to Paris and back to New York.
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