• Named after a vile yet potent African beer, a sour tasting yet a staple for the working class of Malawi, Chibuku first blazed onto the Liverpool club scene in March 2000, Founded at the Lemon Lounge by a group of students who were fed up with the big name /silly door price culture that had developed. What followed can only be described as an unruly and riotous house party devoid of all the trappings of other clubs; low door tax, sensible security, no dress code and more importantly a distinct shift in focus to the music and the crowd. Chibuku remains one of the best clubs around by the virtuous simplicity of the core principal to which it adheres – an undiluted, pure and simple dedication to putting on one of the best parties around. And the party continues after launching a new London bi monthly residency at Herbal on Saturday 23rd September, this is the second installment, and with a line up to match the launch night, this is gonna be packed!
  • Chibuku - Flyer front
    Chibuku - Flyer back