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    Farj (Garage Pressure/Sydney), DJ Fr1day, Karmalicious (Fungalicious + Karmaceutical), Delstar (Junglettes), Mr Frost & Frazer Farrell (>>Hard grafT>/Hi-Grade), Shards (gen2K/[email protected] [email protected])
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  • They met before to bring you Quiet Storm (Storming Productions, Dub Police/UK). This time, they face off against each other when the don Farj (Garage Pressure/Sydney) rolls into town. Brisbane's own GhettoTech Godfather DJ Fr1day announces his plans for retirement, going out in a blaze of glory! Heavies for hire Mr Frost & Frazer Farrell muscle in on the grime action, but little do they know what psychedelic duo Karmalicious have been tinkering with in their Glitch Garage. Meanwhile, Dubstep Diva Delstar & old-school Bleep-Boy Shards take the turf war to the streets. Will you get caught in the cross-fire? A night of dubstep, grime, glitch garage, ghettotech and body-popping electro.
  • !113g@1 V@1u3 Vs. >hard Graft - Flyer front