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    PLANET TERROR DJs, Patchwork Residents
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  • Patchwork is back at Ethio-Cubanos for the Bank Holiday weekend. The PLANET TERROR DJs will be guests for the evening playing the sort of stuff thats been getting attention from around the world. If you haven't heard of the Planet Terror label then check it out, theres loads of great tunes, all for free. They have a really broad remit with everything from dub and hip-hop through to grimy dubstep and techno. These guys are all about the love of the music. Residents the PATCHWORK DJs will be dropping a wide variety of tunes with DNI, Team Rob, Liam O'Ryan and Mardi Hippy on the decks. WierdWildWorld will be back on the VJ buisness. Should be fun times! Open 10pm to 3.30pm Entry £4 Last entry 2am
  • Patchwork - Flyer front