Wrongdezvous Launch & Aztec 4th Birthday Party

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    Derrick Carter (Chicago, Ministry Of Sound Sessions Tour), Chris Lake, Sonny Wharton, Martin McNulty (Kindergarten), Alex Wasikowski (Mihifi), Happy Mondays - DJ Set, Ramones - DJ Set, Datarock - Live, Shitdisco - Live, Dead 60's - DJ Set, Tramp DJ Set, The Vagabonds - Live, Blondelle - Live, and much more
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  • Room 1: Aztec's 4th Birthday Derrick Carter (Chicago, MoS Sessions Tour) Chris Lake Sonny Wharton Martin McNulty (Kindergarten) Alex Wasikowski (Mihifi) Room 2: Rock'n'Roll New Rave Mayhemï Ramones - DJ Set (Marky Ramone) Dead 60's - DJ Set Datarock - Live Shitdisco - Live Tramp - DJ Set The Vagabonds - Live Blondelle - Live Room 3: Very Special Guestst Happy Mondays - DJ Set (Kav & Bez) Trash Pussies (Peaches Geldof & Fifi Brown) Wrong Tom (Hard-Fi Tour DJ) Team Mega Mix Mixmaster C Plus Entertainment From: Bez, The Laundrettas (Lost Vagueness / Glastonbury), Doris Latrine, Sam Avery (BBC NW Comedian Of Year 2006 Runner Up), The Inflatables, Plus all sorts of festival fun and games. Friday September 29th sees the launch of Wrongdezvous, the festival in a club. Wrongdezvous will feature the worldos most popular bands, djs, performers and living legends. This is the club for the iPod generation. A place where musical boundaries are blurred and the experience outweighs the hype. This is where guitars meet decks, indie kids rub shoulders with disco dollies, (new) ravers mosh with rockers, punk-funkers groove with house heads, and where electro girls fall for techno boys, whilst being entertained by the characters and icons that define the image of wrong. Itns the club for now, so party like its 2006.
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