Danse Tragicomica with Wasn & Wunderwaffel

  • With a truckload of mesmerizing Escapist-House, adriatic Sunshine-Acid, cosmic Eccentro-Edits, dissociative Cocktail-Disco, lysergic James-Webb-Techno, psychonautic Balearock, Big-Wave-Surf Italo, Neo-Tropical Deep Doom Kraut, percussive Nu-Afro-Garage-Boogie, Gay-Biker-Pop, and vocals, yes, vocals, plus the mandatory wee-hours heartbreak hymns and lots of other things you never asked to hear but hope to never stop, Wasn & Wunderwaffel take the road to nowhere. All night long. On a bus. A boat. A plane. We’ll see. Doesn’t matter.   Bring a friend, not an attitude! Attend in time!  Care is the key - come tested!


  • Danse Tragicomica with Wasn & Wunderwaffel - Flyer front