Popular Problems

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    Friedrich Ernst  (Self Learning System) Negrolator X *live (Burial Soil) Parand (Burial Soil) Goldie (oka / fragmented) Ravn Jonassen (Burial Soil) cracra (Orgia) DJ Unisex (Self Learning System) Saucy Raùl b2b Kim Shine (Proper Pull / Miami Weißeritz )
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  • It's getting serious! Popular Problems goes into the third round, this time showcasing the Berlin based Electro and Techno label Burial Soil. Friedrich Ernst is going to kick off the night upstairs with an elevating Break and Bleep mix warming up for Negrolator X’s one hour breakdance Electro live-set! Afterwards Parand will take over and deliver them ravy Breaks for your upstairs dance pleasure. The floors line-up will be rounded up with some refreshing House vibes presented by goldie, not only objekt klein a resident but also co-founder of Dresden based fragmented:, an interdisciplinary platform for local art, music and politics. Downstairs our good friend Saucy Raúl, who’s part of Proper Pull and host of their very own Proper Charts podcasts series will heat up the floor in a thrilling B2B session with Miami Weißeritz crew member Kim Shine. Afterwards cracra from the Halle/Leipzig based collective Orgia will bring the Bass and UK heat to your bodies and get the mood set for DJ Unisex who will deliver two hours of old-school Electro and Techno. Closing down our third installment of Popular Problems is the mission of Burial Soil’s founding father Ravn Jonassen, expect that ruff stuff. rave hard, be nice └ Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, trans- or homophobia and all other forms of discrimination won't be tolerated! └ Enjoy the moment - no photos, no videos, no stories! └Please bring a valid ID Dokument └ Feeling uncomfortable, being harassed, or noticing others who may need help? - Contact the Awarness team or our staff in confidence. Corna └ Please be aware of the general hygiene rules and keep the minimum distance when queuing in front of the club and wear a mask. You've lost something? Then write to [email protected]
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