The Carry Nation 10 0022

  • GOOD ROOM Chrissy The Carry Nation BAD ROOM Christy Love Don Esquivel LIGHTS BY: G the LD at Kingspin Lights PLEASE NOTE: in our continued efforts to learn from legendary nightclubs of the past, we will not be selling advanced tickets for this event. This party is first come, first served! DO NOT message us or our door staff in attempts to get around this, iykyn. Be excited, arrive early, and be prepared with CASH AT THE DOOR $30 Door sales only 21+ -we recommend getting tested before attending and DEFINITELY stay home if you are feeling ill artwork by Michael Magnan The Code of Carry Nation: This is first and foremost a Queer party, admission is at the discretion of the door staff The party starts the minute you step online, conduct yourself accordingly and with respect Should you find yourself on the guest list, remember it is a privilege not a right Please check coats in the coat check and not in the banquettes, dj booth, or speakers The Carry Nation is a special place for many people, please respect our space and each other Look out for yourself and those around you, we are all on this journey together. If you need help please ask. The Carry Nation is a party place, fallinG out is not ever the look. If you’re Gonna sleep, Go sleep at home! Do less so you can do more, Dance Floor Divas are expected to set a good example Most importantly, have fun, make new friends, fall in love. See you on the dancefloor!
  • The Carry Nation 10 0022 - Flyer front