FORMAT: Rene Wise (Mote Evolver // Blueprint) [UK]


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FORMAT: Rene Wise (Mote Evolver // Blueprint) [UK]

Sub Division
Sat, 12 Nov
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    Rene Wise (Mote Evolver // Blueprint // SK11) [UK] Measure Divide (Clergy) [CA] Circumscums (Paradox Reset) [CA]
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  • Format takes over everyone’s favourite basement, Sub Division. Presenting the debut of UK’s Rene Wise. Having already released on esteemed imprints such as Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver, James Ruskin’s Blueprint and Setaoc Mass’s SK11, this functional, deep and hypnotic artist will bring his signature sound to the confines of Sub Division marking his Toronto debut with a three-hour extended set. On supporting duties we have resident Measure Divide fresh off his EU tour and Paradox Reset’s very own Circumscums setting the tone from the get-go. Please note this is a limited capacity event. Advance tickets are highly encouraged. Strictly no photos and camera usage permitted on the dance floor. Free water on site to keep you hydrated through the evening. Our goal is to provide unique sensory experiences in spaces where we can create a place to escape our daily inhibitions. It is important to us that we all share a mutual understanding of each other and respect for all walks of life. Violence, hate speech or any other discrimination will not be tolerated! Please inform any staff member immediately if you anybody makes you feel uncomfortable. We strongly suggest that you come early to our events and stay until the morning sun. If everyone follows these few base rules, we can collectively achieve the vibe we are striving for. Dress to sweat.


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