Digital Tsunami x arkaoda

  • Hailing from the Lithuanian woods, festival and platform Digital Tsunami lands in Berlin. Expect wavy gems and hard-hitting tunes from the likes of Alienata and Exterminador.
    Jan Goldmann
  • Sometimes the future is foreseeable, especially when it promises fun. This time the combination leaves no doubt: one of the leading Berlin music oasis Arkaoda and the underground electronic music platform Digital Tsunami comes together. Digital Tsunami team is based in Lithuania, although well known in the worldwide scene for its unapologetic attitude, respect for quality high tempo music and memorable dancefloor experience. Every year Digital Tsunami invites the audience from all around the world to the DT Camp festival, bringing the most relevant DJ's and live performers, building a massive sound system in the depths of lithuanian forest. Authentic, sincere, devoted approach made Digital Tsunami visible as a starting point for the fundamental dance music discoveries. This time, in the space of the Arkaoda club, it's Alienata, Melje, Exterminator, Cyber, Times New Roman, Kashual Plastik and Eivydas K on board. This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR
  • Digital Tsunami x arkaoda - Flyer front