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    Friday 23.09.: Caleesi (Circles & Stones) Ninze *live (Laut & Luise) Zigan Aldi /HumanByDefault, 3000Grad) Garstique (Wuza) Esther Silex (Katerblau) Anselmus (HuL, Mystic Tales) Söriös (MIT DIR FESTIVAL, Mystic Tales) Elias Goldmund (Mystic Tales, Rebellion der Träumer) Robine (Variety) Moogli (Mystic Tales, URSL) Mira Vána ABACILAR (Levant Disco) Saturday 24.09. daytime: Elixir (Ram Schakl) mømø & meløtea (Urban Rituals) & Caapi El Mesti (Pachamama) COGNAC200 & kobpy300 (Mensch Meier) Miss Kitchen (Jurema Blätter) KARLÏ Saturday 24.09. night: Rauschhaus (Einmusika, Parquet) Niju *live (Laut & Luise) Atlantik *live (Sisyphos) Landhouse *live (Amselcom) Nina Hepburn (Geistzeit, Mono.noise) AndreVictor (Mystic Tales) Pulli & Chomba & Chomba (Underyourskin) Ohdus (Mystic Tales) Naicet & drekk (Mystic Tales) & firgun & Heyoka (Mystic Tales) & Mad Son (Mystic Tales) Domi (1) & ConnY Corios (Mystic Tales)
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  • Mystic Creatures at Mensch Meier A very mystic Summer is coming to an end and we are so grateful about so many beautiful moments we could share with you. Let’s keep the sun shining as long as possible and get together again to celebrate September equinox. For this special occasion we prepared another beautiful program and are so much looking forward to dance with all of you again. Doors will be open for 38 hours and we are happy to announce that we will have another round of “Das Kabinett des Dr. Hülshoff” Saturday night. The Minotaurs are coming down from the mountains, the Leprechauns are dancing around in anticipation and the phoenix is rising from the ashes… We are very happy to invite you to the next round of mystic madness! ◢ The beautiful theater and the open air space will be open during daytime on Saturday.
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