Plein Phare Festival Day 3 - Student Hotel

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    Plein Phare crew
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  • For the third day of the Plein Phare festival, we are inaugurating a new place, an incredible spot in the center of Toulouse. Come and dance at the Plein Phare Pool Party on the Rooftop of the Student Hotel, Place de l'Europe! Come and take to the skies, dance, cool off, enjoy the pool to the sound of the Plein Phare djs. Attention, ultra limited capacity!! Electronic music takes pride of place with the launch of the Plein Phare Festival. From September 23 to 25, three events in unusual places, sometimes unpublished with more than 20 international and local artists. Three consecutive days, four occasions during which to come and dance. Ready to give it a try?
  • Plein Phare Festival Day 3 - Student Hotel - Flyer front