Future Party Lab: The innovation laboratory for a sustainable club culture

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    organised by clubliebe, BUND Berlin and Clubcommission Berlin
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  • Reset. Update. Time for new eco routines in club culture. The last two years have shuffled the cards in the club scene - a chance for new ideas and climate-friendly routines! On September 29, Future Party Lab invites representatives from nightlife and sustainability as well as interested clubbers to join forces and create the club of the future. How can clubs be part of a climate-resilient sponge city that is prepared for heat and floods? What challenges do FLINTA* face in the club and climate scene and what can they learn from each other? How can smart technology be used to save energy in the club? How can we organize procurements sustainably and build in a circular way? How can we celebrate outdoors in a way that protects nature? How do I build a solar sound system? Exchange ideas on these questions in workshops and labs and meet exciting people. Together, let’s create new eco-routines for clubs! Participation is free of charge. About us  This series of events is part of Clubtopia - a project initiated by BUND Berlin, clubliebe e.V. and Clubcommission and supported by Livekomm. Clubtopia is funded by the Senate for Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action. The Future Party Lab events aim to make Berlin’s nightlife more sustainable and climate-friendly.  
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