3024 Mentoring Live Session with Martyn

  • A special IRL edition of Martyn's successful 3024 mentoring program, which aims to share knowledge and support across all levels of music production. The 3024 Mentoring Program is one of the recent initiatives in electronic music that operate from a grassroots ethos. The program has been running for three years and in that time over 200 musicians from all over the world have taken part. The program features one-on-one mentoring sessions, group sessions and Q&A's with other artists such as Surgeon, James Holden, Waajeed, Skee Mask, Dj Flight, Ehua & TSVI, and others. From the online mentoring community, a huge three-part compilation spawned in 2021 called "It Was Always There" which was released on the 3024 label to critical acclaim. Besides that, countless independent releases, collaborations between artists, radio shows, gigs, zines and other work has been produced by members of the program. At Nowadays, Martyn will host a live 'Work in Progress' session, where we listen to new music / demos brought in by producers and discuss ways to improve their tracks and music making habits in general. If you'd like to submit a track for analysis please use the link below. The files need to have the artist name, track title and an email address. Martyn will go through all submissions on Tuesday and pick which ones will work best and will contact the producers. Only people that are going to attend the session should upload their music here. People that just want to send demos can do it via email. Violence, non-consensual touching, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist or other discriminatory language, and leering are not allowed within our walls or in our back yard. If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know.
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