Rollercoaster: Carnival Food Drum & Bass skanker

  • RollerCoaster: Carnival Food Drum & Bass Skanker Intimate LIMITED CAPACITY gathering. Since we was young ravers, we have always connected this time of year to being at Notting Hill Carnival. The smell of jerk Chicken, with Curry Goat as an option, the sound of loud Jungle, Drum & Bass in the air and people enjoying themselves whilst dancing around in bright colours such as Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White and whatever else. This is Rollercoaster's 104th London event and the first time that we have themed it like our roots... Carnival! DJ's playing loud Drum & Bass Hype Nicky Blackmarket Dope Ammo Alex Haze Lady Jewels Elegance MC's: Foxy, Blacka, Kid, Flertah, DVSMC


  • Rollercoaster: Carnival Food Drum & Bass skanker - Flyer front