the bRAVEs - Techno for Ukraine w./ Vani Vachi, Kobzev, Zoe Palace

  • It is still incomprehensible that Russia under the Putin regime launched a war of conquest in 2022 unless Ukraine cedes its own identity and parts of the country. Everything should become Russian, everything should serve the imperialist purpose. But there are many brave people who counteract these goals. Whether fighters on the front lines or every single person who sees Ukraine as an independent country and speaks it so openly. With "the bRAVEs - Techno for Ukraine" we want to honor all the brave people and invite you to be a part of it. Let's come together, exchange energies to continue to be brave! All profit goes to the “UNITED24” initiative. Event will start directly after the concerts of Constantine and Ingret from UA at the same venue. There are also tickets available for both events: PLANET*HOPE x the bRAVEs. the bRAVEs on August 20th: VANI VACHI [Veselka | Kyiv/UA] Vani Vachi is a resident of the infamous queer parties Veselka and founder of the Outside Festival and Gems (events for rising stars). In last years she managed to play in different countries, and last year of her career was noted by the festivals like ICKPA by Bassiani, Brave! Factory and Horovod, but also a featured mixtape for Mixmag and two HÖR streams. As per her notes, DJ-sets is a contemporary form of shamanism, the purpose of which is to uncompromisingly take the dance floor through a journey of melodies, layers, kicks and metamorphoses. KOBZEV [Techno Traum | Minimal Force] Kobzev is influenced mainly by Detroit Techno and Berlin 90's movement. He crafts his music inspired by moments in time, as he believes art is a translation of the world around us. In his sets he likes to blend at most times more than 2 tracks in order to create variations of the music he plays that fits the most to the mood and energy of the floor at each given time. Often he likes to add individual loops from his productions or even sometimes hardware units from the studio, for example drum machines. ZOE PALACE [Tsekh.33 | Odessa/UA] DJ, producer and club owner from Ukraine. She has behind her the holding of several electronic festivals, as well as the opening of a well-known underground club in Odessa Tsekh.33. Zoe’s music can be described as smooth combinations of different styles, predominantly dance character, inspired by early trance, progressive all along with groove and hypnotic techno with sci-fi elements. LEGAT [Kyiv/UA] After closing in 2020 his industrial metal project "Tyler Milchmann" and moving to Berlin, Tyler switched to electronic music and now creates his new tracks mostly in techno-oriented genres. Under the alias LEGAT, the Kyiv-born music producer collaborates as a composer and sound designer with fashion brands and multidisciplinary event organizers and also performs his DJ sets with dark aggressive techno combined with some melodic elements. RINA KATEN [Closer | Kyiv/UA] Kyiv Dj now based in Berlin. Graduated Closer Connections Dj school. Previously performed in famous bars in Kyiv and is now starting her own journey in Berlin. Rina Katen skilfully combines groovy sounds of house, breaks and breakbeats in her performances and always looking for something fresh. RULES --------------------- **NO RACISM** **NO HOMOPHOBIA** **NO ABLEISM** **NO SEXISM** **NO QUEERPHOBIA** **NO TRANSPHOBIA** **NO BODY SHAMING** **NO UNWANTED TOUCHING** **NO MEANS NO**


  • the bRAVEs - Techno for Ukraine w./ Vani Vachi, Kobzev, Zoe Palace - Flyer front
    the bRAVEs - Techno for Ukraine w./ Vani Vachi, Kobzev, Zoe Palace - Flyer back