Bunker Promotions presents Noporn + KAPP + Sphynx (Dj Set)


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Bunker Promotions presents Noporn + KAPP + Sphynx (Dj Set)

512 London
Thu, 22 Sep
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    - NOPORN - KAPP - Sphynx (Dj Set)
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  • CONTRA DANÇA is the title of Noporn’s fourth LP, 20 years after their debut on São Paulo’s coolest dancefloor, Xingu. In Noporn’s mini-world, the night is the main character and can be seen as the crowded and noisy parties of their hometown, or as the most intimate and sexy ones of their fans’ bedrooms. In other words, Noporn is deeply interested in the exchange between bodies that are full of life. In 2021’s LP Sim, released in the middle of quarantine, Liana and Lucas invited the world to come to a party while no one was able to dance. Back then, the future of the world seemed extremely far away and full of despair, specially in Bolsonaro’s Brazil. Now, this same world is open again, but the word “future” still sounds as an absurd dream and life is still completely upside down, like in a parallel chaotic and hyper-informed universe. Noporn wants to give us a new way to look at all of this: they call it their counter-dance, an act aiming a future with free sex, love and sexualities that has as its basis the most electro dance and house music of their career. KAPP KAPP is a London-based electronic music artist and musician from Brazil. A multi-instrumentalist playing piano and bass from a young age, they were heavily influenced by the live music and club scene in Sao Paolo before moving to London in 2006 at age 22 to pursue a career in music. Since then he has cut his teeth as a musician touring Europe and South America as part of a number of post punk and psychedelic rock bands, while also studying Sonic Arts and Music Composition. With formative electronic influence from the likes of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, their current taste includes artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Nick Cave and Arca. Laced with EBM and industrial influence, KAPP has taken a fluid approach to body music culminating in their debut single ‘Burning Lips’ released September 2022. As a queer artist, the essence of KAPP is the revolution of the self and absolute devotion to the paths we collectively choose to navigate within the increasingly fragile reality we find ourselves in. His music conveys a strong call to action, change and transformation, so that we may infuse our lives with prosperity and belief. SPHYNX Sphynx is a duo formed by Márcio Vermelho and Pedro Zopelar that unites both artists' unique sound universes, combining their references and common visions. In the studio or performing a DJ set, Vermelho and Zopelar amplify different sounds and atmospheres, always composing musical pieces full of synthesizers, spatial grooves and acidic textures. They have already released EPs for several labels such as Bastard Jazz (Azul, 7”), The Magic Movement (“No Ar” EP, 12”), In Their Feelings (“Mercurio” EP and VA Escape From São Paulo) and ODDiscos (remix for Red Wonder - Automata), plus a series of edits and mixes.
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  • Bunker Promotions presents Noporn + KAPP + Sphynx (Dj Set)  - Flyer front
    Bunker Promotions presents Noporn + KAPP + Sphynx (Dj Set)  - Flyer back