Awake All Hours presents: A Family Affair Pt. II

  • On the 19th of August, we return to Spanners for the second of our Family Affair parties! The idea of these parties is simply to fill an intimate and inclusive space with friendly folk and make it shake with raucous, cutting-edge club sounds from artists we admire. tarcier // Eloise is the face of Awake All Hours. Not only is she responsible for all of our posters, logos & visuals, she's also a gifted DJ and it was a no-brainer to invite her to warm up the crowd! Ikävä Pii b2b excel dj // Both superb artists and DJs in their own right (those who attended our party in March will remember excel dj tearing the roof off alongside maya vika), Giacomo and Dan will be representing SODAA - a community developing a decentralised governance model for a music & arts venue in London. They recently featured on our podcast for INISIGHTS 013 alongside Anjali and we love their initiative as much as we love their penchant for wild, mind-bending, percussive club-weapons! An optional extra donation to SODAA is available at checkout. St. Amp // Our beloved resident and co-host. George is responsible for our Mix Series that runs as a companion to our podcast, taking to the decks every other week to weave together 30 minute blasts of new music, often of vastly different styles and speeds. This role has given George a vast library of music to pull from and made him adept at mixing just about everything and anything. Yasmine b2b FROND // 'Bin-rattling subterrestrial frequencies ✼ worm holes of acidic psychedelia ✽ Warping break-laced electro slammers ✼ bleeps, beeps and everything in between' - This is what lies in store for those attending Yasmine & Sophie's approaching space weight party at Venue MOT. We are thrilled to have the two Pollination founders - an initiative, mix series, label and party - bringing 90 minutes of these sounds to Spanners. We feel this set is going to be very special! Yasmine & FROND are performing in support of their current drive to support ReFOCUS Media Labs, which is an organisation who offer digital media skills to refugees and asylum seekers to help them gain employment. An optional extra donation to this cause is available at checkout. Spanners and Awake All Hours are spaces for all. Both have zero tolerance towards discrimination of any kind. Anyone displaying aggression or discrimination will be removed.
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