Cafe OTO x diy presents: irsh showcase with ZULI [LIVE] + QOW [LIVE] + susu laroche [DJ set]

  • ZULI Ahmed El Ghazoly aka ZULI (stylized in all capitals), is a musician, producer, and sound artist from Cairo, Egypt. Best known for his releases on Lee Gamble’s UIQ – which included a string of EPs as well as his debut LP Terminal. The Italian Haunter Records also saw the release of the infamous Trigger Finger EP. In 2019, ZULI launched a video series ‘irsh’ together with Rama where they curated and invited artists to play video recorded sets in a social setting. Only having the chance to record two episodes before the pandemic struck, they launched a label and released the first irsh compilation in September 2020 which highlighted talent from Cairo and the Middle East, and a second one in the same vain released July 2022. QOW aka Omar El Sadek is an audiovisual artist specialising in electronic sound design and animated visuals from Cairo. His works focus mainly on documenting and repurposing the fragile nature of his surroundings, including himself. He takes a similar visual approach, investing in poetic imperfections and unexpected intimacies. In his upcoming live set, he’ll be playing a set of (soon-to-be-released) material that focus mainly on sampling songs by the arabic popstar, Sherine, and manipulating them into string-y ambient tracks and soundscapes. The first track of this new project was released on the V.A compilation; Irsh - Did you mean: irish vol. 2 Qow - Keteer Susu Laroche A multidisciplinary artist and DJ of Egyptian/French descent. Her analogue short film work has been screened internationally including London Short Film Festival (UK), Samawah Cinema (Iraq) and Nihilist Film Festival (USA). In Spring 2021 she released her first photobook Chaos Rule Us via Wrong Eye Books and in December 2021 her first album ‘Paridaiza’ via Xquisite Releases. Presented by diy + Cafe OTO


  • Cafe OTO x diy presents: irsh showcase with ZULI [LIVE] + QOW [LIVE] + susu laroche [DJ set] - Flyer front