Black Marble [Sacred Bones] + John Moods


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Black Marble [Sacred Bones] + John Moods

The White Hotel
Tue, 25 Oct
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    Black Marble, John Moods
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  • Black Marble + John Moods Emerging from the early 2000s New York synth scene, Black Marble carried on the tradition of early synthwave pioneers like Martin Dupont and Modern Art who repurposed synths once reserved for expensive studios and stadium rock superstars. Available widely and cheaply for the first time, these synths became a staple for bedroom artists – connecting wires and twisting knobs into something that felt entirely new. Seeking to channel this spirit, Black Marble recalls the gauzy tape wow and flutter of The Membranes and the warbling VCO of Futurisk, carrying on a sound that seeks to channel the future while imprinting residue of the past. Support comes from the spiritual-romantic outsider pop of John Moods. Presented by Grey Lantern