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E-WERK Luckenwalde
Sat, 8 Oct
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  • CURRENTS 2022 Saturday 8 October Curated by Khidja CURRENTS is an amalgam of live contemporary art and electronic music, presenting a mix of internationally acclaimed artists intertwined with emerging acts. The one-day event is curated by Khidja, a music production and DJ duo from Romania that performs worldwide, and writes musical scores for the moving-image, new media installations and performance shows. CURRENTS will create a hyper-attentive environment where every tone is charged to the maximum. Space and time will appear to deform and dissolve and sound will become a door into a world beyond. Performances will transform into deep listening sessions, critically and politically engaged; they will echo and reflect a rare archival body of works that have been largely marginalised by the history of avant-garde music and sound art. CURRENTS is a not for profit event, supporting an international community of artists and cultural workers existentially threatened by climate change, pandemics, wars, displacement and economic inequality. The institution seeks to trail-blaze new forms of knowledge production and cultural events by being one of the first contemporary art institutions to run a 100% carbon negative electronic music and performance festival.
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