Function of Groove Summer Open Air (4MP Ukraine Fundraiser)

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    Line Up A-Z Bajo Armada (Suspected) Fabian Stange / Vinyl Set Konstantin (Function of Groove) Louis Rausch / Vinyl Set MARIAMI (Brutalism) Måtyrer & Dornen (Brutalism) Matze / Vinyl Set (Artheater) Non Reversible  (Arts, Function of Groove, Soma) - Berlin tangram (Semantica, TSP) TEHOTU  (Sinxergy) - Berlin
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  • unction of Groove Summer Open Air We decided to start our first Event with a free event dedicated to help the Ukraine fundraiser of the 4 My People Agency. All of the raised money will be donated to the: With a massive Lineup of Local and International DJs. The Open Air Event will be for free. Function of Groove is a LGBTQIA and BIPOC + Event. We accept no discrimination, racism, homophobia or sexism. Do not stare at people. Be respectful. Do not touch people without asking. NO MEANS ALWAYS NO !!! NO GHB / GBL ! TO GET THE LOCATION TO ATTEND OUR EVENT PLS CONTACT ON INSTAGRAM: @FUNCTIONOFGROOVE @KONSTANTIIN_ MORE INFORMATION HOW TO GET THE LOCATION TBA. Function of Groove is an international safe space creating event and label series. Our team consist in well known artist across europe. Uniting forces to help various organisations worldwide.
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