makaan III Techno: 12hr Warehouse Party

  • 12 hours of techno in myriad flavours. Expect to hear the genre twisted and tweaked into new and exciting forms.
  • Shall we techno? Makaan is proud to announce a special daytime party in Hackney Wick’s Studio 9294, located on the canal, with a soundsystem that booms this warehouse is perfect for 12 hours of hypnotic and unashamed techno, delivered by our most powerful all female line up. Makaan is a space for SWANA artists to deliver unfiltered techno with no apologies. As with all Makaan parties, we shine a light on parts of the world that are often misrepresented, under-represented or forgotten completely. If dance is a universal human right, there should be no barriers in our coming together. Our first set of every event brings a DJ from far away regions who cannot overcome these barriers and restrictions. We are excited for this chapter to bring Tehran born Sharona Lico, an absolute starlet of the underground progressive electronic scene in Iran, Turkey and beyond. This left field selector joins previous attendees Nesa Azadikhah from Tehran and Yara Muhrez from Damascus in fulfilling this sacred opening space for us. Streaming / Projecting our opening set is part of an opening ritual that reminds us how fortunate we are to be together under one roof raving. As our third Makaan is taking up a special place and time, it’s only right that we invite some very special guests to bring excitement levels to euphoria!!!! We are very excited to announce Alba Heidari, Riva and IYESHA will be making their Makaan debuts!!! Hailing from Madrid, FOLD resident Alba Heidari delivers powerful cross- genre sets, with a deep understand of d’n’b, breaks, hardcorte, hardtek, electro and even gothic industrial, it’s in her uncompromising desire to push the boundaries that we are so excited to bring her to Makaan, where we feel she belongs and will continue to play for many seasons to come! London based DJ Riva co-runs the South Asian explosion that is Daytimers, Sisucrew and has been as active behind the decks as in the community. As a true child of the globe, Riva bridges the gap between music and protest, unifying and uplifting in the same breath. We are very excited to have the “Silk + Steel” resident join us for what will be an unforgettable debut at our Makaan Warehouse party. Leeds based IYESHA has been causing an absolute raucous with rat party, which workes to create safer spaces for sex workers, the gender diverse and QTIPOC, we can’t wait for it!!! As if this wasn’t celebration enough, we have invited a few DJ’s who brought so much energy to our last two parties, we cannot wait to see what they deliver come August 20! After taking us on a magical journey in our last Makaan at the secret location in Central London, we had to bring back Sita Shah, the Daytimers & Sisucrew DJ has been sending crowds into an absolute frenzy, pushing boundaries and carving out a new space for techno and south asian influences- Sita’s HÖR set and Mixmag’s seal of approval for everything she does is evidence enough and we’re so excited to welcome her back to our Makaan party. Mehmooni London co-founder Ronisa, joins our line up with her explosive fast SWANA percussion, melting synthy baselines and fast stepper acid grooves. Makaan founder and resident Anahita Shamsaei has carved a name for herself in the underground electronic scene in both home and foreign regions and is on closing duties, her hypnotic hard techno sets light up each one of our parties. See you on the dancefloor, Makaan @makaan___
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