Gegen ∞ Golosa

  • ∞ After the Parade, the Queer Rave continues ∞ Gegen fusions their forces with Golosa for this special night at Suicide Club from 23:00 after the parade. With 2 outdoor floors and one techno indoor floor, expect the delicious sounds of Gegen and Golosa all night long. Advance tickets have priority and follow a separate queue 😈 Darkroom for ALL Gegeners and Golosians, no gender discrimination 🐙 ∞ PAY ATTENTION ∞ Respect our manifesto: Our awareness team will be here for any help. Gegen ∞ Golosa has the right to refuse anyone’s entry including ticket holders. We want to welcome you the best that we can, take care of you and give our all LGBTQ+ community a safe and welcoming place, and we need your collaboration for this, together we can do it!


  • Gegen ∞ Golosa - Flyer front