Lion & Lamb Saturdays with Ivan Smagghe, Bruno Schmidt and Andre King

  • For our final in-house saturday of the month, we’ve got the king of cool Ivan Smagghe, Domesticated label-boss Bruno Schmidt and our very own Andre King seeing the month out for a night of deep, weird and all-wonderful sonics. Ivan Smagghe: France's most wanted radio host and selector, Ivan Smagghe stands at the crossroads between glamorous Parisian hype and electronic music integrity. Behind the decks Ivan acts as a raw conduit between his famously obscure records and the dancefloor's strobe-soaked bodies, injecting something of himself into every transition and selection. From THAT boiler room set in a Paris hotel room and parties in Colette, to a slew of outrageously good releases as a producer and collaborator, very few can claim to have done more with a pair of turntables over the past decade, and we’re grateful to have him mark the end of another month at London’s best sounding pub. Bruno Schmidt: Bruno Schmidt was already one of London’s most well-respected selectors before breaking out into international waters in recent years. The Domesticated label-boss and producer also looks to fuse new and old music together, regularly mixing forgotten records that have slipped through the cracks of the past with more contemporary productions that ensure his sets remain innovative. Chaotic techno is seamlessly blended with obscure ’90s tech-house, choppy garage and everything in between, while the same essence and understated character of his productions on labels like Spinning Plates and Subsequent seeps through via a UK-schooled flare and inventive, precise turntablism. Andre King: Andre founded London’s most cathartic pub as an expression of his own artistic vision, and as a sanctuary for the music now associated with our always effervescent booth, and London house music by extension. Originally celebrated for his weekly residency at the infamous Feelin' party at Notting Hill Arts Club, a favorite nearly two decades ago for the many club-hungry faces who would seek further euphoria after closing time at Fabric, he is a veteran of his craft - central to the Baltic-Blighty house and electro continuum. One more time this month for a London music stalwart and our very own Saturday resident!
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  • Lion & Lamb Saturdays with Ivan Smagghe, Bruno Schmidt and Andre King - Flyer front