XFORM w Edward, Elli Acula, Gabber Eleganza, Lucinee, Tommy47, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka

  • RSO's in-house party XFORM delivers a big one, with Gabber Eleganza playing the massive indoor warehouse. Serving up his signature sound marrying hard dance and trance, he'll be joined by the likes of Drumcell and Minimal Violence, who will play live.
    Jan Goldmann
  • This coming weekend, XFORM amasses a line-up provoking sensory exuberance to overrun both the indoor and open-air premises of RSO with kinaesthetic compulsion. Gabber Eleganza delivers feral and serrated auditory abrasions. He frames the sonic landscape and aesthetic of the 90’s hardcore continuum within the context of contemporary art and music. In doing so, he conjures a thundering tempest of retro rave energy, charged with the electrostatic sparks of modern auditory configurations. Tommy Four Seven spawns fractured and writhing incarnations of EBM and hard techno. His sets slither between familiar musical references, never stay long enough to be precisely categorized, and leave a trail of chest-pounding exhilaration. Minimal Violence’s hardware contortions irradiate a rugged resound, bathed in a sea of snarling despondency. Their convulsive juxtaposition of industrial boldness and hypnagogic melancholia will invoke dystopian abstractions on the ROBUS floor – alongside the twisting acidic ligatures of Alien Rain, longtime affiliate Christoph Faust, founding member of Spandau20 Elli Acula, Voxnox Records affiliate Lucinee, Stroberload’s High Speed Violence and RSO’s own Unarte. Oliver Hafenbauer’s enduring dedication to Frankfurt’s rich musical climate and history has led him to become one of the city's long-standing figures. His affinity for rippling texture and composite rhythm is reflected both in his curation of his Die Orakel imprint and his stylistic expression as a selector. Enrica Falqui gracefully traverses the intersection of rolling metrics and abstract atmospheric formations. Over a decade of digging and researching sound informs her approach. She will send luscious rays of ambience through a prism of kinetic propulsion throughout OPAN’s open-air domain, alongside Pressure Traxx curator Arno, Thomas Melchior and Fumiya Tanaka’s collaborative Tofu Productions project, DeWalta & Mike Shannon with a live set, Giegling’s Edward, and WHITE label affiliate Manuel Fischer.
  • XFORM w Edward, Elli Acula, Gabber Eleganza, Lucinee, Tommy47, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka - Flyer front