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Sat, 24 Sep
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  • Juan-Pablo Pfirter blesses Venue MOT with a rare UK appearance. Alongside a three hour masterclass from Leah Floyeurs and FOLD resident Alba Heidari, you won't want to miss Technotica.
    Rihana Osman
  • Technotica is a showcase for the most gifted Techno DJs around. What is their gift? They make us dance until we drop. It's as simple as this. Juan-Pablo Pfirter makes a rare UK appearance. Unquestionably one of the most gifted DJs today, his mastery of the groove and the transition together with his musicality make him a very special DJ. Leah Floyeurs, another DJ whose musicality and skills seem to allow her to take the music and the dancefloor wherever she wants. Never one to push herself into the spotlight, her profile is not what her DJ sets deserve. Don't miss. It has been a wish of ours to have Pfirter and Leah Floyeurs on the same night. Here we are. Alba Heidari has recently been wowing the dancefloor at Fold in London. We've been on her dancefloor and booking her for Technotica was a no-brainer. Like Pfirter and Leah Floyeurs she seems to be able to take the groove and the vibe anywhere she wants anyhow she wants anytime she wants. A wonderful new talent.
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