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Thu, 8 Sep
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    PROGRAM TAGUS LOVE - 08/09 - 6pm - @MONO w/ Territoires live / Mutamm'ar dj FALL IN - 09/09 - 22pm - @PLANETA MANAS Ed Isar b2b Ana Pacheco / Clothilde, Keumel, Photonz live / Ziur dj / King Kami dj / PALINDROME - 10/09 - 6pm - @MUSEU NACIONAL DO AZULEJO Lula Pena, Bérangère Maximin, Riccardo La Forrresta live FALL.OUT - 10/09 / 7pm - @ARROZ ESTUDIOS Belaria dj / NSDOS, DJ Lycox, Epsilove, Herlander live / Stellar OM Source b2b MVRIA / Danifox dj HARDLOOK - 11/09 - 4pm - @MONO Lucas Gutierrez, Terrine, Carincur live a/v show EXIT - 11/09 - 6pm - @BOA Zaltan dj / Tiago dj / b2b LINE-UP : Ana Pacheco Belaria Bérangère Maximin Carincur Clothilde Dj Danifox DJ Lycox Ed Isar Epsilove Herlander Keumel King Kami Lucas Gutierrez Lula Pena Mut’ammar MVRIA NSDOS Photonz Riccardo la Foresta Stellar OM Source Terrine Territoires Tiago Zaltan Ziúr
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  • Sound results from a vibratory phenomenon that encompasses and connects us. It propagates everywhere and frees itself from geographical borders to convey shared sensations, emotions, and urgencies. Sound is a phonetic language understandable by all. This definition is what motivates the spirit of Phonetics. More than a name, it is an apprehension of the world through sound by creating connections between artists, the public, and the territory they explore together during a residency program by making the plurality of languages heard. Launched in 2019 with its first edition in Algiers (DZ), Phonetics was founded in 2018 as a residency-based, collaborative and nomadic festival focused on sound experimentation and cross-genres music exploration. For its third iteration, Phonetics teams up with Lisbon’s crew Filho Único, notorious for their affiliation with Príncipe Discos. As part of the 2022 French-Portuguese cultural season program, this year’s Phonetics edition will see Portuguese and French artists coming together in a two-week residency at Mono Lisboa from August 28th to September 8th. A collaborative curation will see the creation of five commissioned performances and original b2b formation, all presented in unconventional venues of the city of Lisbon. During the residency at Mono Lisboa, artists NSDOS (FR), Lucas Gutierrez (AR), DJ Lycox (PT), Lula Pena (PT), Riccardo La Foresta (IT), Photonz (PT), Keumel (FR), Epsilove (FR), Berangère Maximin (FR), Carincur (PT), Herlander (PT), Clothilde (PT), and Terrine (FR) will gather to develop the performances which will be presented during the festival from September 8th to September 11th in various venues in Lisbon.


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