• The mythological Parade by Dr. Motte, in its new life form - RAVE THE PLANET, is coming back to Berlin. We will participate in the parade with our own float truck and directly afterwards we will celebrate an afterparty in Alte Münze. Our message is: PROTECT OUR SAFESPACE. Parade Location: Uhlandstraße to 17. Juni After Party Location: Alte Münze Be fruitful and multiply PRU Y RVU stands for diversity and freedom. Inclusive instead of exclusive. This is reflected in our musical program and embodied by our community. Our float will carry the message PROTECT OUR SAFESPACE. It will represent artists and performers from different spheres of electronic music ,queer ,kinky- and club scenes. A significant part of them from Ukraine. The message can be interpreted on different meta-levels. The first is the recognition of safe spaces as a cultural asset. After years of working with artists and performers in Kyiv, we realized the impact of creating safe spaces on mass consciousness and sexual revolution. The second part of the message is to raise awareness about the urgent need to find a safe space and a new home for refugees and victims of war who have lost any kind of security in their home country. By courtesy of Johann Falkenstein
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  • PRU Y RVU at THE PARADE - Flyer front
    PRU Y RVU at THE PARADE - Flyer back