MYSTAGOGIA micro-festival with BEDOUIN AND Damian Lazarus

  • Alongside an adventure comes a lesson. The steps down a path are guides to our inner truth.Piece by piece comes together the universe. In this fraction of it, the sacred-most activity must be ritualistic human interaction. Habituating limited space within Mother Earth for a brief meaningful moment. Giving reason to our existence and defining the benefits of such short collision of energies. It’s what we were made to do. Feel ecstatic together in dances of bodies and souls. Since we came here. MYSTAGOGIA MICRO-FESTIVAL at ALASSA FOREST 8-9 JULY with world-wide-known BEDOUIN & DAMIAN LAZARUS and an array of amazing local artists _________________________ FRIDAY - JUL 8 (a-z) DAMIAN LAZARUS Moharmy B2B Ssslumber Patsas Plasmatik Sixonesix SATURDAY - JUL 9 (a-z) BEDOUIN Alex Tomb Astrochimp Gees Pazzi&Pan. *special guest ****More details for accommodation options and accessibility to follow. Please consider that the site does not include essential facilities before making plans and every group that wishes to camp within the premises needs to be approved by the event organizer.**** TICKETS NOW ON SALE Available on: 
Resident Advisor // Tickethour // ACS Stores 2DAY PASS First Release: (55€)
 Second Release: (65€) SINGLE DAY PASS Presale: (35€) On the Door Tickets: limited to availability For inquiries please contact our team (+35722100544, +35799580447) Pinned location on event page closer to the time of the event. EVENT SPONSORED BY TANQUERAY
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  • MYSTAGOGIA micro-festival with BEDOUIN AND Damian Lazarus - Flyer front