Mehmooni London x Disco Tehran


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Mehmooni London x Disco Tehran

Village Underground
Fri, 22 Jul
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  • London Town it’s going down! Mehmooni London and NYC’s very own Disco Tehran come together for an unforgettable night of vibes to get you dancing from start to finish, from Dalston to Damavand, NYC to London, we are excited to invite you to the incredible Village Underground on Friday 22nd July. Expect a musical journey, a long and pulsating road with esoteric emotions linked direct to the mystical culture we come from and the connections we move forward with in our daily lives. Since 2018, Mehmooni London has been paying homage to the Persian house party by remixing the old with the new to journey through the bustling funk and disco of the olden days, to the sounds of the electronic music we grew up with and love. Mehmooni London parties take you through space and time, expect electro to garage, progressive house to techno, and all things in between. Disco Tehran is a funky warm dance party and live performance project that connects New York to the era of 1970s discotheques in Tehran. Exploring groovy household throwbacks and rare music from the Asian continent, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Bringing a multi cultural explosion onto the New York scene and it’s our pleasure to have the two crews curating a line up that’ll keep hips shaking and head’s rockin’. A killer line-up to be announced you won't want to miss!
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