Future Space Detektion - Open Air

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    Crews: Kollage Kollectiv Bitnet01 Acrylicode Artists: Utopixel Tomson Fauster Max Volume  Ixindamix  traumesser  Ida Bux  Roy Carroll Carlo Maria M_oo (Audio HackLab) Detti.1 Clon_E Olbos (Mossa Records) Nesso (Mossa Records) Tauro A-Lumiere Pholo (Pietra Tonale) Lukas Plesetsk Robin Wobbles Andrea Loriga Cayequitas iLinx Calalava Vientu
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  • Multimedia explorers from the underground. This event is an association of artists and collectives doing what they do best. An eclectic array of international pioneers taking the electronic scene to a new dimension. We believe is it vital to create spaces that allow people to connect (especially with the ones making things happen). Future Space Detektion is an untested format that includes surround sound, audio visual electronic performances, video art, creative coding, AlgoRave, light shows and interactive installations. An open air experience in one of the most beautiful self organised container space left in Berlin. Fresh drinks and Pizza. We are OPEN: Thursdays and Fridays 11th &12th,18th &19th, 25th & 26th of August 19h - 01AM ++ DiskoBabel is a vibrant melting pot of culture, including 50 containers 10 collectives and a circus tent on Greifswalder str. Berlin
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