Changeover Belgrade 2022


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Changeover Belgrade 2022

Thu, 6 Oct
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    Bendik Giske (NO), Opus Kink (UK), Dollkraut (NL), ŽEN (HR), Soyuz (BY), Otchim (FR), SIKSA (PL), Duo Ruut (EE), SEINE (HR), Inturist (RU), sinks (CZ), Pantaloons (SI), Etceteral (SI), Elizabete Balčus (LV), Gnoomes (RU), STADT (UA), Mart Avi (EE), Turbo Trans Turisti (RS), Keetai (EE), Svojat (SI), TDK (BG), Džezbollah (RS), Aviary (HU), Yus Yus (RS), YÖU (MK), Nokti (HR), ShiShi (LT), Sonic Death (RU)
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  • Changeover Belgrade is a new international multi-genre showcase music festival with an educational open talk program aimed to become the new point of conversation between musicians and music industry professionals from all around Europe. The festival will take place in various places in the center of Belgrade in 8 different venues. Music events, each connected with a general musical idea: whether it's new experimental artists, electronic or punk will capture the city's most significant spots. Musical program will gather around 50 artists and bands, distributed into 15 separate events. While the educational part is going to include 30+ music industry professionals: label managers and booking agents, music distributors, events promoters, journalists, venues representatives etc. to discuss latest trends and share experience with the audience. Musically Changeover is all about experiments and can even be called «experimental» in a way, where old patterns meet contemporary genres in bands-participants continuous exploration for something new and unique. Festival's line-up is struggling to present a young, inconspicuous, ambitious and at the same time very multicultural European creative landscape. From tropicalia to krautrock, from cold wave to weird indie and enormous varieties in between. Changeover's first wave consists of 30 artists from England to Norway, Eastern Europe and Balkans. Changeover launches with Full Pass tickets starting from €36 and granting access to all musical program during all 3 days of the festival. Also day tickets with access to all events within each separate day starting from 8,50€ are available. Later on tickets to separate events will be available for purchase.
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