Mizz Softee: DJ Rolando, Tano, Deep Creep, DatKat, Donny Burlin, Henry Chow, Samuel Fish


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Mizz Softee: DJ Rolando, Tano, Deep Creep, DatKat, Donny Burlin, Henry Chow, Samuel Fish

Softee Auto Body
Sat, 18 Jun
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  • Add this to your weekend itinerary: Mizz Softee presents another lineup that highlights lysergic sets to induce dance floor hypnosis. Former Underground Resistance member DJ Rolando showcases the tough techno and electro of his old stomping grounds in Detroit, while Tano infuses his transfixing sets with tropical rhythms. There are heads on this lineup that will make you grateful for the chill out room, where DatKat and Donny Burlin will slow things down.
  • Saturday, June 18, 2022 -- 11pm - 9am, Brooklyn Private location released to ticket holders by 8pm day of event. Main Room: Rolando Tano Deep Creep Henry Chow b2b Samuel Fish Chill Room: Stay Out West (DatKat & Donny Burlin) Lighting Design: Kai Sundermann Flyer: Kid Kura Sound: Danley Sound Labs by SubBass *We have the right to refuse entry or remove anyone who does not abide by peace, love, freedom, tolerance, unity, harmony, expression, responsibility, and respect.* *Subscribe to the 'Soft-Serve' :) http://www.mizzsoftee.com* Nutritional Facts: One of Detroit’s bigger legends who’s credited with the legendary ‘The Jaguar’, to this day one of the most played tracks from Detroit and Underground Resistance’s biggest ever hit, DJ Rolando would live in eternity if only for this. It helped to establish the Detroit-originated Latin techno sound, which he furthered by founding Los Hermanos with Gerald Mitchel and Mike Banks circa 2002. Rolando since then has taken his distance from Detroit but maintained sparse, high quality output, with early 2000s/2010s drops on Ostgut Ton, Saved Records, and Delsin plus releases on his own R3 Rolando Rocha Records since. A longtime Berghain resident, he remains known as one of the best DJs to emerge from Motown, so it’s with great pride Mizz Softee announces a rare US return for a Detroit originator. P.Leone and Tano are two recent figures to emerge from NYC’s storied Italian-American community in the field of club music, following a well-trodden path worn in by Lenny Dee, Danny Tenaglia, Anthony Parasole, and plenty more since the late 80s, when freestyle and early house found roots there. It’s also strongly associated with a certain style from its exponents centered on hard hitting party jams that take dance music history deeply into account. Both in their sets and productions the duo are emblematic of this approach, with P.Leone’s E-missions label providing a mix of upfront styles to considerable recognition and Tano’s solo productions leaning into breakbeats while keeping the party vibe alive. Back-to-back, expect unparalleled display of flex from a pair of already-watched producers and DJs. ****Unfortunately, due to familial obligations, P. Leone will not be able to make it. Tano will still be holding things down!**** DatKat is Kat Smith, half of Analog Soul and the first of the duo to gain exposure in NYC’s underground scene, long before they became the international success they are now. Her sound is diverse like the duo’s but leans more into techno, a subtle distinction understood mostly by longtime fans and friends. As core members of an afterhours crew centered around a space run by Baltimore/Brooklyn underground legend Donny Burlin, they helped set a tone that still stands for NYC’s late night party crew. Donny arrived in NYC already a seasoned DJ from Bmore & DC’s club and rave scene, cementing his reputation here for dug-out cuts across the board and an encyclopedic knowledge of dance music past and present. Known locally at many house-leaning institutions, he and Analog Soul collaborate as Outerspace Employment Agency. Often spotted on headier underground lineups around Brooklyn featuring more diverse sounds, Deep Creep is recognized as the curator of the temperature-focused pi pi pi mix series and a monthly show on The Lot Radio, both featuring a wide range of illustrious locals – Beta Librae, DJ Voices, Livwutang, to name a few - alongside international guests like Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, and others. Self-described as an experimental DJ, she focuses heavily on atmosphere while playing a mix of styles which makes her a perfect fit for Mizz Softee’s main room.
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  • Mizz Softee: DJ Rolando, Tano, Deep Creep, DatKat, Donny Burlin, Henry Chow, Samuel Fish - Flyer front