Okla Festival 2022

  • Venue
    Camping Legjenda
    • Road "Agron 1" 4001 Shkoder Albania, Shkodër, Albania
  • Date
    1 Jul 2022
    Fri 12:00 - Sun 06:00
  • Promoter
    Plipki Records
  • Attending
    • 9
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    Marc Houle Rex The Dog Lucia Lu Portax Charly Schaller Sopik Malena Devila Erly Tepshi ANXHELA Ivan Masa Kheli Cosmic Minds more TBA...
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  • Beloved friends of Okla, as we transition from the depths of dark and unsettling winter,into the blossoming and opening of spring time, ravishing our hearts and awakening our senses, some melancholy waves in the fresh breeze: did we say properly goodbye to winter? Are we attuning to the colorful birthing of nature and its forms? Or are we still blindly seeking the next moment, impatiently waiting for something better to come? Well, as far as we are concerned, Okla smiles at us all around. No we can’t see him/her. Neither touch him/her. Nor smell him/her. Undoubtedly cannot hear him/her. But we can feel him/her. How so would you ask? Because Okla is the flower blooming, is the smile of a kid as he joyfully holds tight the hand of his mother, is the nightjar and the nightingale, is the sadness and the void that takes away our breath, is our heart beating in the rhythm of our favorite song, is the feeling of the wind as it gently kisses our skin, is the anxiety that vibrates our chest with so much vivacity, is the cat sinking in the sunshine, is an old man preparing alone the dinner as the movie of his life plays in his mind, is the crying of a newborn baby, is the red color of a delicious strawberry, footprints in the sand, the shaking hands of two lovers as their lips meet in the blissful nectar of love, night swims in a cold river, is us dancing and celebrating the liberation of life, hearts synchronized in the highest angelic frequency, is Okla welcoming us in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July for the yearly summer gathering, the remembrance of our One nature, the undeniable truth of all existence. Okla as nothing and everything. Okla as each of us, and we all of it! Okla as a paradoxical intellectual acrobatics, yet holds the wisdom of the ancient transcendence, the simplicity of heaven and earth… Tickets for presale are available! Where magic and mundane, meets the ambiguity and mystery..
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