Swayzak At Audiophile

  • 10pm till 4am///Funktion One sound system///£4 Advanced tickets on sale at Moog & @ Residentadvisor.net MOTD - (capacity is limited too 110 so get your tickets to guarantee entry)///BOOM Limited early bird tickets available from RA. ---- details and info on this months guests: -Swayzak Brown and Taylor formed back in 1993 and in those post-iron curtain times took much inspiration from the dark and cold eastern block. The Swayzak name came later as much inspired by Eastern Europe as it was Hollywood . . . this is indicative of the juxtaposition of Swayzak. Before Googling and the Myspace Generation, information was spread by mouth and paper, reputations built on musical prowess and friendships. Swayzak used the technology of the times; fax, pagers, photocopiers and answering machines to spread the word. But it was only in 1997 by releasing their first vinyl “bueno/fukumachi” (a record of deep dubby minimal house inspired as much by manga as a trip to Spain) to much hulabaloo of the few who had picked up on their sound. Luckily this was enough to inspire the young chaps to make more records on their self funded label. A call from a legend also had its part, Laurent Garnier’s“ beautiful and moody” answering machine comment gave them much confidence in their sound. As things moved forward via strange twists they found themselves in 1998 releasing a debut album “Snowboarding in Argentina“ to much critical acclaim. An album with one misguided aim to fund a snowboarding holiday! one that hasn’t quite been achieved though Argentina has been gigged several times. However it did put them on the road to bigger things, playing everywhere from Chile to Japan and quite a few place in between. Giant Festivals and minuscule clubs and bars, museums, fashion shows, Spanish cathedrals, and even a week long party in a Montreal loft. Regulars at Fabric in London and Watergate of Berlin: two of the world's finest clubs - Swayzak keep filling floors. One of the first artists to be released on Richie Hawtin's Minus label with their Theorem collaborations and having released four albums on K7, the legendary compilations of Groovetechnology and Fabric 11 crossing the paths between minimalism, deep house, electro and pure pop. Swayzak have released and remixed for : K7, Minus, Pokerflat, Playhouse, Klang, Simple, Logisitc, Force Trax, Mille Plateaux and even Sony .Their songs have featured on several commericals, tv shows, and hundereds of compilations. Their live shows are exactly that, never rehearsed and 100% improvised taking a journey like jazz did in the past. In these days of audio perfection Swayzak enjoy to be different, not quite playing the game as it should be played. Whilst embracing technology using unsynced laptops and outboard effects to create a dub inspired sound often much heavier than their studio works. They often play as a pair or with live vocals from collaborator Richard Davis and percussion from Francesco Brini.. 2009 sees the re-release of Snowboarding in Argentina, Swayzak's oh so innocent seminal album inspired by the Berlin/Detriot/ Chigaco/ New York music of the early 90’s .Originally released to critical acclaim in 1998 , this album originated in two forms ,one for the US market and one for the UK. However it was in Germany that Swayzak found themselves week after week, somehow stumbling upon a scene that was soon to be embraced by the world. Starting in june 2009 Swayzak will present their T bar London monthly night “Serieculture” an intentional unconventional residency. Swayzak on RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=69 Swayzak free live pack from Abelton: http://www.ableton.com/swayzak Last fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Swayzak Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Swayzak -Ben Start Loving a good groove, Ben's wandering style has seen him share bills with Ivan Smagghe, Appleblim, Wolf + Lamb, Martyn, Jamie Jones and many more since taking to the decks in early 2006. His Nottingham adventures have included some of the city's best loved nights, including a residency at Futureproof, sets at Firefly, Wherehouse? Stealth Vs Rescued, Product and more. Currently heard dropping deep house from the likes of Hunee, The Zohar, Soundstream, teching it up a bit with Lee Curtiss, Ethyl, Lee Foss and then camping it down with disco offerings from Floating Points, Ray Mang and Manolo. http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/start/top10?chart=27831 -Romulus Schwarz Aka Simon Hall is the driving force behind Shrink Records and fresh a imprint launching in March; She Wolf Music. Engineering for bands and experimenting with his own equipment led him to become one half of the production duo Pollyy, crafting brain-melting-Techno floor fillers that would bring him to the attention of Firefly Recordings. Faced with a need to develop the subtleties of his musical vision, Simon created a new character for himself, it was time to delve into the deep as Romulus Schwarz. As co-creator and resident of Nottinghams Wherehouse? Simon is in constant pursuit of a dance floor to shake and in doing so has become a much reliable fixture on the local scene, trusted with regular slots playing alongside M.A.N.D.Y, Ryan Crosson, Matt Tolfrey, Wolf + Lamb, Alex Smoke and Matthew Dear.... to name but a few. Expect groove, melody and and some exclusive productions. Fat rave. ---- Incoming: 30st May - Jean Jacques Smoothie (Defected) & Simon Mills (Bent) 19th June - Bentley Rhythm Ace