Good Peoples & Anthem present: Jacques Renault & Brennan Green

  • Anthem has partnered with Good Peoples and one of New York's finest DJ/producers, Jacques Renault, for a monthly party at the mysterious yet compelling club, the subMercer. For the inaugural gig, Jacques will be joined by Brennan Green, a NYC legend in his own right. With the two of them working the 1s and 2s, know that we'll most definitely be going strong until 4 AM. Jacques Renault is an NYC-based DJ and producer, who, outside of spinning records at some of the cities coolest clubs and most happening parties, also functions as half of Brooklyn's house duo, Runaway. Since his move from Chicago eight years ago, the man has also been working on countless remixes, most recently for the likes of CFCF, Munk, Midnight Magic, Chairlift, and the Phenomenal Handclap Band, which have been released on a diversity of labels, from The Wurst Music Co. to Mule Musiq. Brennan Green's reputation precedes wherever he goes. From founding Chinatown Records to recording tracks for the likes of Balihu, Modal Music, and many more to collaborating with innovators like Norway's cosmic disco poster child, Lindstrøm, the man seems to never stay still. With all the self-assuredness in the world, we tell you that Renault and Green will be wrecking havoc well into the wee hours of Friday morning.
  • Good Peoples & Anthem present: Jacques Renault & Brennan Green - Flyer front