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  • Psicodélia is a term used mostly in Brazil to refer to the Psychedelic state of mind. The ground-breaking and mind-expanding effect caused by the moderate use of psychedelic substances is known, even though the majority of these substances are still not legal, and still being used mostly for recreational purposes amongst some communities. However, handling the matter differently and starting to officially administrate this substances under medical/therapeutic supervision and with controlled amounts, in clinical context and for health / self-development purposes - this is where we can open a whole new precedent to Growth within our Societies. Not only it could improve the lives of those suffering from issues as chronic anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other mental-related conditions and disorders, as it could also largely improve the communication and interaction between individuals, contributing to a sort of "collective enlightening" through self-confrontation, self-knowledge and consequently, expanded tolerance. This ELA we are going outdoors for a 12h+ party, into the nature, from day to night to deeply explore the universe of the psychedelics and their full potential not only for our minds, but also in the Art spectrum. Expect a varied flow of trippy ELA-style music, from Acid to Trippy House, from Ambient to Psydub, distributed in 2 different stages, an interactive talks session with real experts from the research and scientific field, fun self-exploratory activities and jaw-dropping Art installations and artworks around the psychedelic culture. Let's connect, share, and embrace this journey into ourselves. 🌈 DONATION 📤 10% of the revenue from your tickets to this event will revert to support ATERRA, a local activist collective striving for the reduction of air traffic and a fairer + more ecological mobility in the Greater Lisbon. They'll use it in their next campaigns against the project for the construction of a new airport in Montijo, which (if it really happens) will negatively and irreversibly impact the people and nature of the whole region, including the destruction of a Natural Reserve, full of life and richness. - - - - This mini-fest will happen in the nature, 40min south from the Lisbon centre. It is possible to access by taxi or similar, and there will be a parking space for cars and caravans. It's allowed to camp and stay for the day after until midday. There will be food and bar service inside the event. After getting your ticket(s) we will send you the info and location. If you need to receive it earlier or have doubts please email us to [email protected]
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