• LINKWOOD (Prime Numbers, Firecracker Recordings. Uk) Linkwood is Producer, Engineer and DJ Nick Moore. Best known for his highly acclaimed releases on Firecracker Records, including 'Miles Away' and 'Piece of Mind', Linkwood released his first LP ‘System’ for Prime Numbers Records in September 2009 - an album which has taken him around the world. As a teenager growing up in Bristol in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Linkwood became fascinated with house and techno. It inspired him to make his own music and learn everything possible about production and recording techniques. With a reputation for hype-dodging, the infamously elusive Linkwood now has forthcoming tour dates set for Europe, Japan, The US and Australia and gathered a hefty list of converts along the way. Everyone from Derrick May and Theo Parrish to Metro Area and a whole host of renowned taste-makers have Linkwood in their top artists picks. He is also working on a second LP for Prime Numbers as well as future EP’s and remixes. He is totally on the money and obviously a work horse - come check out the best thing in good music before he disappears back into studio land. LP FEEDBACK >>>>> Linkwood's debut album, and the first for Trus'me's Prime Numbers imprint is a seriously special record. Everyone we know who's heard the previous Linkwood releases for Firecracker and Prime Numbers has fallen instantly under their spell and "System" will only mean yet more converts. Packed full of everything from classic sounding Electro to plenty of Boogie (especially on "Tears" courtesy of Still Going collaborator Reggie Watts), through to their classic smooth, slow and genuinely funky House. This is a record that perfectly straddles that difficult album territory of working in the club and at home or on headphones, it's simply to good not to sound great anywhere. Highly recommended! (Phonica Records) DJ MIX DOWNLOAD LINK : (LISTEN TO THIS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!) LOCAL SUPPORT: Matt Trousdale, Steele Bonus, Loin Brothers, Marcus King, Ken Cloud, Simon Caldwell, Harry Sounds, Kali and Slow Blow. $20 Presale through! $30 on the door.
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