Big Room Boogie 2: Scratcha DVA, Jubilee, The Large, OSSX, Tristan Arp

  • The inimitable Big Room Boogie is back with a splash, this time playing host to Scratcha DVA. The longstanding pillar's penchant for UK funky, gqom, and grime will be complemented by the sunny polyrhythms of Mexico City by way of New York's Tristan Arp, with a cast of captivating local mainstays in tow.
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  • Greetings Boogie People, Boo R. Boogie here with the latest transmission from planet BRB. I’ve been cruising planets GROOVY GROOVY & SLINK since our last session, soaking up all the love & warmth on their dance floors. Now I’m charged up and ready to channel that energy back into the big room. BIG ROOM BOOGIE TWO is in motion for Saturday May 7, 2022. I’m soooo excited! The number one rave legend, a DJ whose name echoes far and wide beyond our orbit, Scratcha DVA aka Scratchclart aka Scratcha aka “It’s Friday, gang!” will be leading this boogie session. It’s been six years since Scratcha’s touched down in New York so I’m expecting a wild ride through his prismatic blends of UK & SA club music both old and new. I also heard some of NYC’s DJ champions will be there: Jubilee & The Large, Elise & Equiss, Tristan Arp & Simisea, and DJ Temporary!? Wow, nothing but slinky and groovy musical treats all night long. gumgum studio’s custom rave lighting and SubBASS Soundsystem's towering subs will both be back to set the scene. GROOVY GROOVY & SLINK are bringing you this boogie session with the intention of musical rejuvenation and interstellar body shaking. Looking forward to sharing the next Big Room Boogie together. With love, Boo Event Date & Time: Saturday May 7, 2022 / 11pm–8am Event Location: 23 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY Visual Art by SG ~ COMMUNITY GUIDELINES ~ BRB will have a strict safer space policy, safety monitors and all of the safe raving essentials. BRB is open to all allies, but many of our crew members are POC and queer, and we strive to center this fam at our parties. Be mindful of the space you occupy before entering. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, classist, ageist or discriminatory behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Nonconsensual touching is not allowed. You will be asked to leave the club if your behavior is found to violate anyone’s right to dance and attend the party in undisturbed peace. Please report any discriminatory behavior or harassment to our safety monitors (wearing red light up wristbands), security, sound staff, stage staff, door staff or any member of Big Room Boogie. The venue has an accessible ADA entrance available with a ramp. ~ VACCINE PROOF ~ In order to boogie safely with us, you'll need to prove you are fully vaccinated no later than 14 days before BRB. These are the proofs we're allowed to accept: a CDC vaccine card / the Excelsior Pass App on a smartphone / a printout of your Excelsior pass from here / a record of vaccination from the healthcare provider who gave you your vaccine. You will also need to present an ID matching the name on your vaccination documentation. ~ BRB: QTPOC Financial Assistance Tickets ~ We’ve set aside a limited amount of free tickets for QTPOC that want to come boogie with us but need financial assistance at the moment. Priority to Black and Indigenous trans folks (please notify us in the comments via the questionnaire link below). By submitting you agree to BRB’s community guidelines, are fully vaccinated, and are 21+ years of age. Applicants selected will be notified by email before Saturday May 7th.
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  • Big Room Boogie 2: Scratcha DVA, Jubilee, The Large, OSSX, Tristan Arp - Flyer front