Locked: Player Records Night

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    Jon Nuccle(Red Seal, Core) Ignition Technitian (Pirate Audio, Primate) Mark Turner (Orbit, Sequence) Residents Jay Knight and Adam Rayner
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  • Quality Underground Techno Jon Nuccle (Red Seal / Core) Jon Nuccle (aka Red Tide, Krimewave, Infamous Player), the UK's undisputed 909 King, has been producing some of the best Hip Hop, Techno, House and Electro music on the planet for over 13 years now, during which time, he has remained at the cutting edge of the underground music scene. Starting with his first release as D-Kontrol through Frank De Wulf's Two Thumbs label in 93, and including over a hundred subsequent releases under numerous monikers (incl. Cold Dust, Red Tide, Player etc), Nuccle's music has been consistantly both challenging and uncompromising. Through his three electronic labels Red Seal, Player, and Core, he has produced some of the sickest Techno music on the planet. And his newest label, Krimewave, is poised to set the underground Hip Hop scene on fire, with some of the realest Hip Hop heard anywhere in years. As a DJ, Nuccle is second to none, cutting and mixing trax with great skill, style and finesse, rocking the dancefloors of the world's premier clubs, including La Real (Spain), Techstylism (Stockholm), The Orbit (Leeds) and Tresor (Berlin). Nuccle's live sets (wether playing as Cold Dust or Red Tide or as Player ) are also legendary in the Techno underground, never failing to tear up the floor, wherever and whenever he performs. As well as being a pioneer of the UK underground sound, Nuccle also produces Hip Hop for various labels, including his own Krimewave imprint, and has worked with some of the world's premiere underground MCs including Wu Tang Killer Beez Timbo King and Shabazz The Disciple, Estee Nack, SC's Dan Johns and DC's Mercury Waters. Ignition Technitian (Pirate Audio / Primate) Ignition Technician aka Richard Wilkinson is from and based in Leeds (u.k), working as a DJ and producer for the U.K's legendary Orbit club Wilko honed his skills with dynamic DJ sets and live performances. The legendary nights at the Orbit club launched Ignition Technician on to the world circuit, playing all over Europe plus tours to Brazil, Australia, Japan and the USA. Wilko started out as a sound engineer for the world famous Cream club, which led to him playing back to back with Paul(chunky)Bleasdale in the Cream back room. During his time at Cream Wilko looked after artists such as Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, DJ Sasha, Underworld, Daft Punk, Bassment Jaxx and Chemical Brothers as well as been Paul Okenfold's personal soundman for a year. Wilko went on to work for other top uk club nights including Bugged Out and then the Orbit. Ignition Technician's Productions have been championed by the electronic underground as well as the dance music elite, it was Carl Cox who discovered Ignition technician in 1999 and was the first DJ to play early productions from dub plates. Soon other DJ's including Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Joey Beltram, Billy Nasty as well as more surprising fans including Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Jon Peel and Colin Murry where soon spinning Ignition productions week in week out, this led to Wilko appearing as a guest on MTV's Dance Floor Chart as well as regular visits to BBC Radio One for live and DJ performances. Wilko started his Ignition Technician project in 1999 with best mate and production partner Pete Simpson, though the two often work on there own separate projects they remain mutual confidents on all things musical. Wilko fly's the Ignition Technician flag on the club circuit with his DJ skills and solo live sets. Pete and Wilko plan to come together for a live world tour, planned for 2007. Ignition Technician's productions have a techno-based sound that looks to any source of inspiration and is open to all influences of music. Unafraid of boundary's and other peoples opinions of what techno should sound like, Wilko puts together DJ tools for his own use, holding firm to the old cliché "I make music that I like, if other people like it then that's a bonus". Wilko is owner and producer of his own labels Pirate Audio, Notorious North and Dj Special Needs. Wilko also co-owns the Orbit clubs highly respected label Player with Red Seal Records boss Jon Nuccle and Eastern Bloc records manager Mark Turner. Wilko also owns Ignition records with best friend Pete Simpson. Producing as Wilko, Player and ignition technician has built up a massive fan base world wide, and led to releases for high profile labels such as Primate, Tortured, Tronic, Potential, Audio, Planet Rhythm and wedafuqawi to name a few. Ignition Technician has worked with producers including the Advent, Space DJ's, Angel Alanis, Glenn Wilson, Cave, Marko Nastic, Jel Ford, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Urban, Rino Cerrone, mark Antonio, Mike Humphries, Trevor Rockcliffe,DJ Preach and DJ Misjah. Ignition Technician is currently working with Therimin management(UK) which became Archetype in 2004 and DJ Misjah's agency Rerun bookings(Belgium) Ignition Technician has showcased his original style around the world djing on every continent with the exception of Antarctica, Wilko holds the Australian record for gigs in one tour with ten shows! the record was previously held by Carl Cox with nine, this success had made Ignition technician one of the most sort after dj's in the sub continent and Asia. Mark Turner (Orbit / Sequence) Mark is one of the UK's longest standing techno Djs. He was the resident Dj at the infamous Orbit techno night, held in Morley, Leeds, first playing in the backroom before being made the resident in the main room due to his extensive skills on the turntables. He has played out at some of the biggest techno parties in the UK and co-runs the Player imprint along with Jon Nuccle. You’ll also find Mark behind the counter at one of Manchester’s longest standing and best record shops, Eastern Bloc, where he works full time. A true multi-skilled Dj, he’s played at Locked, Sequence and Computer Controlled many times over the last twelve months, headlining Sankeys closing party and Sequence in December, busting out a booty/ghetto tek set that could have come straight outta Detroit. We have huge respect for Mark here at locked and eagerly await his return