ELA April of Freedom

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  • Portugal points the month of April as a very important mark in our local history. Not only it represents the fight against dictatorship and repression, as it symbolizes freedom of expression and unity of the People towards peace and mutual support. History holds hands with our present times, in a constant learning and search for the construction of a brighter future in Society. This ELA means to be that: a bridge between Past, Present and Future towards a war-free Society, against all types of social repression and human greed. 10% of our revenue will be donated to Red Cross Ukraine to directly support the victims of the current war in Ukraine. All funds will be used to help those in need, mobilizing volunteers and resources, and emergency activities. Music and a photography/video exhibition will hold hands around this political view over our times, having love and social justice as the stage for our peaceful manifest for freedom. - - - - - After getting your ticket(s) we will send you the info and location. If you need to receive it earlier or have doubts please email us to [email protected]


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