XP/FX 01

  • We are starting with a new party series where the ambition is to focus on the dancefloor experience and give the crowd a chance to escape their phone and get lost in the moment. Maximizing the here and now is our ambition, manipulating the intangible materials that are sound and light as a mean to achieve this goal. For this first edition, we will receive the one and only Ana Pacheco. The Portuguese DJ and radio-host already proved her qualitative selection versatility, quality we always thrived to defend and promote. On top of this, we will donate 25% of proceeds to the Underground 4 Ukraine initiative. Support that cause by joining for a dance. Come early, dance more. No pictures/cameras allowed during the event. Please note that the venue requires a membership, valid until end of 2022. It represents an additional fee of 3€ if you don't have it yet.


  • XP/FX 01 - Flyer front