Ние: Alessandro Adriani, Stefan Alexandrov, J-Lost

  • You find yourself under hypnosis, riding the groove on the road to nowhere. In times of crisis when chaos and fear prevail and the world is crumbling down music remains our main form of riot. On April 1st we're taking over and reimagining one of the finest club spaces in Sofia. As per tradition, we've got a stellar selection of DJs at hand. Punks by heart, known to play music with a statement, one that represents movements that seek social change. We are thrilled to welcome Alessandro Adriani for his Bulgarian debut. Spreading cold waves since 2008 via his label Mannequin Records, Adriani is internationally revered not only as a multifaceted artist, but also as a legacy keeper. His passion to dig obscure sounds from the past (and bring them back to life) combined with a drive to identify how the future might sound, has resulted in an impressive label catalogue of 150 releases and counting. An audio encyclopaedia where one can immerse oneself in Industrial, EBM, Wave, Acid, Electro and Experimental. The myriad sources of inspiration that shaped Alessandro are transformed by him into pulse-pounding mixes of haunting atmospheres, wavy synths and disco-flavoured ebm baselines. Stefan Alexandrov refuses to conform to transitory hypes and passing fads. When deciding what to put in his record bag, he goes for spaced-out electronica, obscure melancholic slappers and everything in-between. His flawless mixing and storyteller’s approach make his sets a riveting journey through genres and moods, slowly pushing and guiding the dancers until they reach a point of total elation. Natural-born rebel J-Lost is not here to please or comfort but to make you feel something. She has captivated the local audience with her genre-bending approach. Dramatic and unconventional, her selection is weapons-grade and loaded with heavy bass & melancholic synths, fuelled by electro-body grooves and erotic, violent vocals. Limited presale available through RA.
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  • Ние: Alessandro Adriani, Stefan Alexandrov, J-Lost - Flyer front
    Ние: Alessandro Adriani, Stefan Alexandrov, J-Lost - Flyer back