Telfort's Good Place: Tom VR

  • After what was supposed to go down at Hogmanay... STILL excited to be bringing my good pal Tom VR to Sneaky's to join me for a more standard edition of this wee residency! Tom is one of my favourite producers and DJs in recent years and heads here on the back of his amazing new album 'Please Keep Shimmering' releasing on All My Thoughts. The Valby Rotary co-boss man isn't a complete stranger to the club, having joined for a classy Lionoil Industries affair a few years ago at the time of releasing his 'Packard Sawmill Echoes' EP on the label as many of you will know! 👌 Since then he has expanded onto Midland's InterGraded label to superb effect with some beautifully textured emotional club tunes; released THE tune 'Acheless' (a guaranteed drop at this night even if he doesn't... I've got you covered) and was frankly overdue to return to Sneaky's. So come join us for a fast track to bliss! 😜
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