Pornceptual X ∄

  • Venue
    • Kyrylivska St, 41, 02000 Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Date
    29 Jan 2022
    Sat 23:59 - Sun 23:59
  • Attending
    • 87
  • | RULES | Pornceptual x ∄ is a safe social space: 1. CONSENT; Before you touch anyone or discuss sensitive topics ask if they are comfortable with that. Don’t assume your physical & emotional boundaries are the same as other people’s 2. BE AWARE OF YOUR PRIVILEGES; Including less visible or invisible hierarchies. Think about how your words, opinions, and feelings are influenced and who they might exclude or harm. 3. CALLING OUT; If you have acted or spoken harmfully, even if unintentionally, someone will bring this up with you. If this happens, listen and reflect on what they are saying also if you think they may be wrong. Don’t try to absolve yourself of responsibility. 4. LEARNING; If you don’t understand something, just ask. We are each responsible for our learning and if we feel able, for sharing it with others. 5. COMMUNITY ACCOUNTABILITY; When we work together in this radical and transformative way, we are creating the change we wish to see in the world. NO SEXISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA or BODY SHAMING. Our security and awareness team will be there for you throughout the party. PLEASE RESPECT THE FOLLOWING DRESSCODE: KINKY & CREATIVE / LATEX, LEATHER, LACE UNDERWEAR / RUBBER / PVC / HALF-NAKED / NAKED EROTIC / FETISH OUTERWEAR. In order to provide safety to all our guests, artists and team, all participants and guests of the event have to undergo free COVID-19 antigen quick testing at our test station located opposite the entrance. We strongly ask you to wear your mask while staying in line for the entrance and test center - without your help our efforts to protect your health will fail. Thanks for your understanding and see you soon!
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