Sēkwens // Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems [Live], SØS Gunver Ryberg [Live] and Tasha

  • // Announcing the next instalment of the sēkwens in collaboration with one of East London’s most unique venues, Village Underground. With over 10 pseudonyms and 30 years in the scene, Planetary Assault Systems illuminates the dance floor with his defined sound. Joining the lineup is Madrid’s DJ and producer, Oscar Mulero. A highly influential name in the scene since the 80s, his leadership at PoleGroup Records and his own label Warm Up has left a mark across the global music scene SØS Gunver Ryberg’s extensive portfolio of compositional masterpieces dominates the art world, from films to video games to installations. Her sounds have blessed not only screens but some of the globe’s most well-known places such as Berghain, ADE and Flow Festival. Her performance is one of mesmerising immersion Rinse Fm host and label boss Tasha will be repping her multi-genre UK sound. With a background in the early rave scene and drum and bass community which evolved into a more recent taste for Berlin and Detroit techno, her palette is well varied-making for the ultimate party experience on the dance floor // // Line up (A-Z) Oscar Mulero Planetary Assault Systems [Live] SØS Gunver Ryberg [Live] Tasha // sēkwens is an immersive concept which aims to unite the power of light, space and sound. Playing with the idea of motion, sēkwens ties together multimedia art forms from digital installations and experimental electronic music to create captivating experiences We will be returning to East London’s Village Underground to once again hone its industrial space and cultural legacy //
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  • Sēkwens // Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems [Live], SØS Gunver Ryberg [Live] and Tasha - Flyer front